Cinsona - Medicine Packaging

Cinsona was developed focusing on inclusive design and collaboration with an elite user. An important focus was to satisfy the needs and interest of both users and the industry. 

Awarded: The Young Talent Award 2013 - Design For All, given by the Norwegian Design Council

The main focus of Cinsona has been to create a clear and comprehensive solution while reducing the risk of incorrect usage. Compared to existing packaging for analgesics, Cinsona is comprised of less components and clearer information. This solution integrates all the elements of the product into one compiled package so that the contents are better protected and to prevent the user from losing the information of the medicines it contain.

The main packaging is completely necessary in identifying contents through repeated use sequences. For users, this means that the storage and transport of an existing product can lead to the packaging being destroyed and the various components becoming separated. With regards to legibility and the perception of the product, we have performed analysis of color, contracts, typography, and font size through contact with a test user. The solution has a hierarchy where the most important information is largest and most visible to clarify information.

The package leaflet is attached to the inside of the front part so that it does not obstruct the blister card, but remains naturally visible when one opens the package. Medisintelefonen (the medicine telephone) is an existing service where one can have the medicine information read to one. Many people are not aware of this service and therefore it is included on the package leaflet so more users have access to the written information.

Camilla Monrad-Krohn

Tom Vavik & Per Farstad (AHO 2011)