Spoil´s mission is to highlight motocross for young girls, and contribute to change attitudes in gender-dominated sports. Motocross is on its way up and forward in Norway and the riders compete more and more on an international level, still the female riders are in large minority. 

In the brand development of Spoil the essential aspect was to get insight in a user situation, with its needs, culture and expectations to get a neutral view to be able to create a holistic and completed brand.

The roost protector is designed for a female torso, which there is a lack of in todays market. The Spoil web page give the girls an opportunity to come together, and in that way lower the threshold of trying a sport full of adrenalin. 

From the process of making the prototype for showing the shape and expression of the roost protector.

From the process of making the prototype for showing the shape and expression of the roost protector.

With a dual side-protection this solution makes it possible to adjust both chest and waste size. An issue with today´s solutions is the lack of protection on the side of the rider´s torso, and under the shoulders. This roos protector is constructed with a plate of polypropylene enclosed by a shock-absorbing material to add flexibility.This allows the rider to move, but still be protected from hurting big parts of the side ribs. For beginners this would be a relevant solution, since security is very important. For pro female-riders a solution with smaller side parts, or no side parts at all, could be a solution since they want to drive with as little gear as possible and also possess a higher riding skill.

In a workshop at Ruseløkka Secondary School we carried out a workshop with a 8. grade class. We did some exercises in branding and got valuable feedback on the projects.

“I do not want to be the only beginner, all by my self!”
— Nathalia, 12 years old, participant in the workshop

Through Spoils web page motocross can be more visible for the girls, and motivate them to want to try the sport. The web page should give the girls an introduction of the experience around the sport, and show them that it actually is a lot of girls riding motocross through use of video and interviews. 

Existing web pages aims mostly on girls who already are active in the sport. Spoil´s web page has a profile solution where other girls tell what made them try motocross, and what they like about it. With this profile solution you have the opportunity to gather your friends, make a team, and co-operate with your local motorcycle club to arrange a test-drive. 

Nina Bjørnstad & Vera Pahle (AHO 2012)