Wearable Stress Patch

The Wearable Stress Patch is designed to start a discussion around a product, and the development and impact of technology in daily life. An important aspect was to analyze through different lenses for a critical view and to create and understand the traces of a product. 

Eustress is not defined by the stressor type but how one perceives that stressor.
— Hans Selye


The patch makes the users more aware of how they are addressing their energy/stress. It shows both distress and eustress in an instant visualization. Along this concept follows several questions that contributes in the overall discussion around this kind of product;

Do you want to show your results and stress level to other people? 
How much information do you need and want to share?
What is the best way to visualize a value? 
How do you visualize a value without using numbers?

Do we get even more stressed of the constant reminder products like this gives us?

Martin Avila (Konstfack 2013)